Lake Ray Hubbard Fishing Report / Talk About Fish Finders

Lake Ray Hubbard Fishing Guide Report 

 Lets talk about fish finders … from the first paper graph and flasher type fish finder to the super expensive crystal screens of today , fisherman are always trying to have an advantage over what god created. People think catching fish is easy, and on some days they jump in the boat. On other days, more than you know, you need and rely on the power of technology. In the year 2018 the technology is some of the best ever produced in many electronics. 

Lake Ray Hubbard Fishing Reports

Not only is the “fish” finder technology impressive , but they also have built in GPS and maps that show the underwater roadways that fisherman look for to locate fish. They all come with base maps but show little detail. You can buy a multitude of cards to insert to have very detailed maps. You can color shade certain depth areas and find underwater structure that you would have had in previous years be able to read a topographical map and search for hours to find the location. 

When I first started fishing Lake Ray Hubbard , I was lucky enough that the LCR black and white screens where already in play. The first graph I bought was a Lowrance X-85 240 X 240 resolution pixels. The pixels are the picture that the graph returns so you can see whats going on on a 5 inch screen. That fancy unit cost about $500.00 dollars back in the day. Not long after that the handheld GPS came out . The unit was tiny and they had an adapter to use a cigarette lighter to get power instead of using up your batteries in a quick minute. It didn’t have a map detail for water , but you could mark your spots and easily go back to them. 
Lake Ray Hubbard Fishing Reports

With the equipment I had at the time, I thought I was in heaven . As a few years past they came out with the color fish finder then next the combo units. You had a fish finder with a split screen that also had built in GPS and a map. Thats when the BIG screens started showing up. I thought my first combo unit was impressive with its 5X7 inch screen. The progression of the fish finding was moving at lighting speed. Just when you spent many hours on the water and figured them out, the new units would come out. 

Lake Ray Hubbard Fishing Reports

That all changed when humminbird introduced the first ever side image graph. As where as before using you fish finder you where looking straight down under the back of the boat. On average your fish finder would show you an area that for every 10ft of water , you seen a 3ft cone area. So technically if you where in 20ft of water you would see 6ft cone under the boat. You would have to start in a area and move back and fourth scanning for fish. This is very time consuming and tedious hunting. With the invention of the side imaging units , you could now see on average 5-100 ft on both sides of the boat. The pixel resolution was impressive with these units . 

Lake Ray Hubbard Fishing Reports

My unit that I currently use is the Humminbird Mega 12 SI. This is one of the top end fish finders of today. It is a massive 12 inch screen from corner to corner. The pixel resolution is 400X800 and that is for the standard 2-d down scan. The side imaging is 455/800kHz, 1.2MHz sonar frequencies. It gets very technical now a days. The new units can connect bluetooth to my phone, display text messages and even show me who is calling so I do not even have to pick up my phone. With the I-pilot Minn-Kota trolling motors and the right connection it even communicates with it. These new units of today save time as you can scan an area in minutes to locate fish or to determine even if they are there. The map systems even come with pre loaded with HOTSPOTS to fish.  The technology is amazing , but with bells and whistles it comes at a price. A unit like mine will put you back over $2500.00. People ask me all the time what to buy, I always say buy what you can afford. Just like computers, TV’s and vehicles you have choices. You don’t have to get the biggest screen, they come smaller. I consider my equipment , tools of the trade and I try to buy the best I can for my guest. It improves my ability to put my guest on fish and thats the main objective for my business. If you ever have any questions about Lake Ray Hubbard or what type of fish finder to get, feel free to call or text me. 

Lake Ray Hubbard Fishing Report

Lake Ray Hubbard Fishing Guide

We target White Bass year round .  Lake Ray Hubbard has a great white bass and hybrid Striper population.  For more information on Lake Ray Hubbard Fishing Guide, follow this link.