Lake Ray Hubbard Fishing Report

Lake Ray Hubbard Fishing Guide Report 

Lake Ray Hubbard late winter early spring fishing is here. The fish finally turned on and came to the usual haunts. Lake Ray Hubbard can hold some great fishing at times. The great thing about Texas is there are days that you can wear a T-shirt in February and March. Spring break is here and because of the current situation some of those breaks have been extended. 

White Bass Patterns

Lake Ray Hubbard in late February and March means spawning season. The white bass will start their swim up the creeks to spawn. Not all the fish do this and I am usually very successful on the main lake. White bass will stage in deeper water off of primary points, secondary points and large flats. I am usually looking in water from 25-35 ft deep. Very popular areas for this are the Red Barn cove , which have long points and big flats as well as Chandlers cove. Some days the fish will gather in huge schools and other days they are scattered along the bottom hugging so tight if you did not know your electronics you would probably not know what you are seeing. As the spring warms up you will also have to throw shallow around these same points and flats. They will move up to spawn and move back out to deeper water. March fishing can be great one day and struggle the next. It can make the best fishermen look humbled and some of the average look like heroes. One thing that makes this deeper water fishing successful is thumping the bottom of your boat. It was a well kept secrete not long ago. This day and time somedays it sounds like carpenters building hoses on the lake. It works, it is effective and easily done. You have three ways, either beat the boat with a stick  , build an automatic thumper or buy one. You can use youtube to figure out how to build one or look up BoBo’s thumper made by Jeff Bobo and purchase one. 

Lake Ray Hubbard Fishing

Lake Ray Hubbard Fishing

 White Bass Lures

I use a couple different set ups this time of year. It all depends on how hard the wind is blowing. If you have a light wind I will use a 1/2 slab and above that about 1 ft a single hook with a 2 inch crappie jig. When the wind picks up I have heavier slab. When I am throwing shallow its usually a small swim bait about 2-3 inches. Another very effective lure is the road runner or a small rattle trap.Colors usually don’t matter, although I primarily use shad colored plastics with chartreuse jig heads our slabs. 

white bass

Ray Hubbard fishing

Lake Ray Hubbard Fishing Guide

We target White Bass year round .  Lake Ray Hubbard has a great white bass and hybrid Striper population.  For more information on Lake Ray Hubbard Fishing Guide, follow this link.