Lake Ray Hubbard Fishing Report

Lake Ray Hubbard Fishing Guide Report 

Lake Ray Hubbard is in winter mode for sure !! Sorry that I haven’t updated my blog in a while. The fall fishing was really good as the winter fishing has stayed very good as well. I truly hope everyone and their family is healthy and remains that way during these times of Covid-19. I have had multiple family member that contracted the virus and thank goodness they were all mild cases. 2020 was a turbulent year for sure with the virus and our political situation. Hopefully with the vaccine and other measures we can get past this. The economic situation has been very tough on a lot of families and businesses. Let's all come together and pray for a better 2021 as we are a strong nation and we are pretty resilient when it comes to adversity . The best part about this time of year is we do not leave the dock until midday. The midday and afternoon bite is almost always better this time of year and there is no reason to freeze in the early morning.  


White Bass Patterns

Lake Ray Hubbard in the winter months can be great fishing if you can stand some not so great weather days. Remember in summer when its 100 degrees ? Cause of that suffering we are also lucky enough to endure fantastic weather days in the winter. White bass and hybrids are eating for their annual spring time spawn. Large groups of shad ball up in deep water and the fish follow them. When I am scanning an area with my electronics I am looking for bait balls and you will mark fish in some of the deepest water Lake Ray Hubbard has to offer. Usually in 32-40 ft is where the fish will be. That eliminates a lot of the lake for looking and more for catching. In the winter time there are scattered schools of fish n the deep water and we actually “CALL” the fish up. What do you mean, you ask ? We use a device that makes a thumping noise on the boat and the fish will come to you. I know it's hard to believe but it works. If you do not have a mechanical one, you can always use a broom stick or something to tap the floor of the boat to bring them to you. 

 White Bass Lures

I use one set up this time of year. The tandem rig that has 2 small crappie jigs tied above a 3/4 oz slab. I like to use drop shot hooks with the jigs about 12-16 inches apart. The thing about the winter is the fish do not want to exert much energy in feeding.  The tricky thing is the bite. You have to hone in on your masterful skills :) The bite is very lite and quick, if you thought you had a bite, you usually did. I call it JEDI fishing or NINJA fishing, as your set has to be quick, sometimes setting the hook before you actually feel them . Watch your electronics , see where the fish are and adjust your presentation. If fish are close to bottom, just barley move that lure up and down, if you think you are slow enough, slow it more. If you mark fish suspended then reel up according to your reel. If you are in 40 ft water , fish are suspended in 35 , then reel up 1-2 turns and work from there. 

Lake Ray Hubbard Fishing Guide

We target White Bass year round .  Lake Ray Hubbard has a great white bass and hybrid Striper population.  For more information on Lake Ray Hubbard Fishing Guide, follow this link.