Lake Ray Hubbard Fishing Report

Lake Ray Hubbard Fishing Report 

Lake Ray Hubbard June fishing can be a tricky month at times.Some mornings you have to wear a hoodie and some mornings you are sweating. When you have a pattern figured out, just like that it can change. One morning you have schooling fish , the next you don’t. It is a transition month for sure on the lake for white bass fishing. Summer , although officially starts in a week or so , is not quite here yet, with the few cold fronts and much not needed rains has kept the temperature of the lake in the high 70’s to barely 80. The mid morning boat traffic would tell you summer is here though, as it gets crowded pretty quick with pleasure boaters. If you are the type of person that loves a challenge on some days, this is your time to shine. On other days it seems like you do no wrong as every nook and cranny you check is loaded with fish. The old saying of tell me where you caught fish today so I won’t fish there tomorrow holds true for June. 

White Bass Patterns

The shad fry are all of the lake and it looks like a good shad spawn happened. Although the good summer time pattern hasn’t started yet, I would still recommend  to check the flats out early mornings as I have found multiple times schooling fish. The problem is which flats ? Well , that is the gamble you have to take. Robertson Park is always my first bet, something about a huge flat, multiple water depths , creek channels and levees running in front of it that always seems to produce fish. Here is the best fishing tip I can give you about flats fishing. When approaching the flat while in deep water, get upwind and drift across it. People that drive their boat around in circles looking in 5 ft water does nothing but scatter fish. Put you trolling motor down while you drift, as if you see them come up, head that way. In June it is very common for the blue herons to show you schooling fish. The tend to hoover over the , making a crash landing to fill their bellies up with shad that the white bass are pushing from below. Now comes the tricky part. If no schooling occurs , then what to do. You bury your nose in those electronics and g on a hunting mission. Please be sure to look in front also so you do not run over someone. What I look for while moving are tiny signatures when coming up a hump or checking a point. They will be suspended with a few on bottom. When you stop and sit on that spot a lot of times the graph will blow up or you notice how fast they keep moving. June is a gas burning month has I will have to check multiple spots through out the day to find what  am looking for. I will fish white bass in 10-28 ft of water, I know that doesn’t narrow down depths, but that is the way it is this time of year. 

 White Bass Lures

With all the shad fry in the lake , you need to have a rooster tail or mepps tied on at all times while looking for schooling white bass. They do not usually want a big swim bait. I also will have a tiny torpedo tied on if I only have a couple of people on the boat. Its too dangerous with 3-4 people with all those hooks. I am still using 3/4 oz slabs with a jig above sometimes . Lure presentation is always key with suspended fish. Drop that slab to the bottom and raise it high slowly as the fish are not usually right on bottom, you can also from a slab and reel slowly up about 5-6 turns. If you notice fish suspended out from humps or points and moving, this is why trolling can flat out put fish in the box. I use the jet diver with release and a pet spoon . I also have counter reels so I know how deep I am running, if you do not have that , then experiment with your set up to figure out the depth by count turns on your reel. 

Lake Ray Hubbard Fishing Guide

We target White Bass year round .  Lake Ray Hubbard has a great white bass and hybrid Striper population.  For more information on Lake Ray Hubbard Fishing Guide, follow this link.