Lake Ray Hubbard Fishing Report

Lake Ray Hubbard Fishing Guide Report 

Lake Ray Hubbard July fishing can be hot, not only the temps but the catching. Although this has been one of the milder summers in some years. The water level is at full pool and that’s a good thing. I have to admit, for the first time in a long time I took a little time off at the end of June and first of July. I had an opportunity to fish in Florida for a few days with a good friend of mine for tarpon. Although we didn’t catch any tarpon we caught a verity of salt water fish. It was fun, the weather was beautify and so was the water. When I came back I was only back in Texas for 3 days and headed back to Florida for family vacation. I know , life is tough for a fishing guide. After my return we fished hard and caught lots of fish. July can be a mixed bag of sizes. I always say the smaller fish show up and the larger white bass get harder to find on some days. 

White Bass Patterns

Lake Ray Hubbard in July is schooling time for white bass usually. It took a little longer to get going because of the rain and cooler temps. They finally started a couple weeks ago and all you have to do is “the run”. I usually start at the Hilton flats then Robertson Park the jetty flats and red barn cove. I look for some signs of life as far as shad or birds. The thermocline has set in around 16-18 ft and that is the water I focus on after fish have schooled. Always remember if you find fish schooling do to run thru them with you big engine running as this usually spooks the fish down. When the schooling stops I always check the drop offs by the flats as fish will move a little deeper. As the sun gets up, don’t be afraid to look in shallow water up to 9 ft. I can’t explain why they would stay in such shallow water this time of year . I believe it has to do with the thermocline but as I have stated before I am not a biologist. If things get really tough you can always have success trolling this time of year. I will explain that below in the lure section. I am either looking for “clumps” of fish shallow or schools suspended around 16-18 ft right off of humps or points. You can also slow roll mepps when you find clumps of fish really shallow, although this takes practice and very few of my guest can do this technique . 

 White Bass Lures

I will have a tiny torpedo tied on if I only have a couple of people on the boat early in the morning or some type of tail spinner when looking for schooling fish. One of my favorite ones is the humdinger tail spinner. Its too dangerous with 3-4 people with all those hooks for top waters. I am still using 3/4 oz slabs with a jig above sometimes . Lure presentation is always key with suspended fish. Drop that slab to the bottom and raise it high slowly as the fish are not usually right on bottom, you can also from a slab and reel slowly up about 5-6 turns. If you notice fish suspended out from humps or points and moving, this is why trolling can flat out put fish in the box. I use the jet diver with release and a pet spoon . I also have counter reels so I know how deep I am running, if you do not have that , then experiment with your set up to figure out the depth by count turns on your reel. If you can practice enough with the mepps it is deadly. Throw it out, let sink (patients) and slow roll it back. 

Lake Ray Hubbard Fishing Guide

We target White Bass year round .  Lake Ray Hubbard has a great white bass and hybrid Striper population.  For more information on Lake Ray Hubbard Fishing Guide, follow this link.